Yoga retreats

Yoga retreats

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Why a yoga retreat?

A yoga retreat is a vacation that you give to yourself. But it’s not just any vacation! The days you are in a retreat are the ones specially designed for your physical and mental rest. It’s a pause in our busy life in which we are the whole the day non-stopping and running around. It’s a beautiful opportunity to look within, to know yourself better, to quiet your mind, move your body and nurture your spirit. It’s a wonderful opportunity to heal your past and open yourself to the abundance of the present, as well as to discover new places and cultures and to learn a lot and make new friends.

The experience that people live during that week is hard to compare with anything else. It’s simply a gift.

Here are find all the retreats that I organize. Some of them are in Spain and others somewhere else.

  • All yoga retreats have been canceled due to Covid. We will keep you updated about next dates, thank you!!

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